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Thursday, September 8, 2011

love for ever

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Vicki had a boy friend that was a bad boy she would always text him after school.So one day after school  she decided to break up with him.She " we are done."    Then he said "OK then i was going to do break up with you anyways"  But she thought that he like her well that want he said.So Vicki calls him saying she was sorry about that take me back.So he said OK but you need to send me a picture. First it's got to be a bad pic or i wont go out with you no more. Vicki did send a bad picture to max. Then next day she went to school everybody looked at her and smiled but in a creepy way. Then one of her friends said ,"have you seen this.'' then she showed her a picture of on the phone that she got from Vicki's boyfriend today. When she went to go talk to her boyfriend he didn't say nothing to her. He acted like a jerk to her. But when she got home somebody called her saying ,''that they where going to kill her.'' the first 2 time she didn't care then it be came everyday thing with the calls. Vicki go scared on the eight call but this time it was different from the others  this time he said ," I'm in the house.'' Then she ran out the house then she went in side someone home after that she didn't come out the house. But next day she was found in the park underground abused. it was a sad day for her mom and dad.       


  1. This is a very scary post, but this does happen to people. Why didn't she call the cops. That was a good post

  2. i like the fact you made it have a great storyline to it and some tense parts that would be sad if it happened.

  3. I really like your story and it was really funny.
    Just work on your capitalization and punctuation.