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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Problem: witch plant well the biggest then the other
Background Knowledge: beans will grow
Hypothesis: the one with water well grow more then with orange
Materials: 2 cups, 2 beans, water, dirt , becer
Method: we put the dirt in the 2 cup then i went to go way it then i made sore that they the same when they where i put my pinky in it about to half way in and that's when i put the bean in   
Experiment: orange juice
Collect Data: turned it in 
Conclusion: plant one was the one that had water and it grow more then the orange its because me and my partner did not feed it that much
Questions for Extensions: what would happened if i put orange juice on a flower instead the bean

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  1. Very good but your spelling could use a little bit of work but other than that it was good